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Chameleone dedicates One Man One Million concert to Karamoja


Anybody out there that still thinks Jose Chameleone’s One Man, One Million concert is a joke, you need to read this story carefully. The singer is very serious about the concert that he already started vending tickets to several rich people in this town and abroad. Besides vending tickets, Chameleone also attached a cause to his concert, which if all goes as to his plans, will be the most expensive concert ever in the history of concerts in Uganda.
On Monday, Chameleone announced that some of the proceeds from the concert will go towards purchasing 100 boreholes and digging 100 pit latrines in different parts of Karamoja.
Chameleone’s resolve came after he visited Karamoja where he shot his new Wale Wale music video.
“I had a chance to visit the forgotten culture of the Karimajongs. As we went for the Wale Wale video shoot, we expected hostility as media portrays the region. But on reaching there, we were welcomed and received with love,”Chameleone said on Monday.
“I want to change the common phrase ‘we won’t wait for Karamoja to develop’ as I raise funds for our fellow countrymen who are in desperate need of these life basics. All my friends, fans and fellow Ugandans. Join me in this nobel adventure,” he pled.
Meanwhile talking of the Wale Wale video, Chameleone also released a better edition of the video, after the earlier version was faced with so much negative criticism.

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