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Basket Mouth doesn’t trust waiters


Nigerian funny man Basket Mouth was in town for the second edition of Africa Laughs and he surely rocked! Everyone who attended the event left in agreement that it was a great decision to have the Nigerian host the show.
Well, he might be funny, but Basket Mouth does not want anyone joking with his food.
While in Uganda, the African celebrated comedian was booked into Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi.
And while other guests at the facility preferred to sit back and enjoy service from their waiters and waitresses, Basket Mouth was not that kind.
During a random visit to Silver Springs Hotel last Friday, we bumped into Basket Mouth carrying a plate full of food from the restaurant and he walked more than 50 metres back to his hotel room.
The comedian didn’t seem to care a bit that he is a celebrated figure. Sadly though, the funny man would not make a good waiter anywhere; he didn’t cover his food and the way he held the plate was akin to that of a school boy holding a plate after getting a meal of posho and beans.
Sources at the hotel told us that Basket Mouth picked all his meals by himself throughout his stay at the hotel. Critics, however, think Basket Mouth, who hails from a country that has been in the news with some of the biggest Ebola cases, was not about to take chances with waitresses, especially knowing that Uganda has a past about the same!

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