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Viboyo can’t forget Sera

Living the dream: Being criticised for not being among the top guns in the music industry, Viboyo is still releasing nice tracks to silence the critics. He meets his fan Hilda Nabaada.

When did you join the music industry professionally?
I joined in 2004 with “owino” as my first track. It didn’t do well but I was so proud and that pushed me to release more tracks.

What is the most embarrassing and most unforgettable experience for you in the music industry?
That is tricky. But I don’t remember having any embarrassing moment but for certain the death of Sera has been the most unforgettable.

Is Viboyo a married man?
No. Viboyo is so single.

What makes a complete artiste?
I believe a complete artiste should be able to write, record and perform.

Who inspired you to do music?
A lot of people, including my late brother George, Philly Lutaya, Tupac and Eminem. Those guys are a blessing to the music industry. They are legends.

What is your interest in the music industry?
My goal is to make music that will turn legendary. I want my music to never fade. I want it to have an impact on all generations.

If you were not in music, what would you be?
I would be an IT consultant, I guess.

What makes you different from other artistes?
I’m Viboyo, I have different mixtures or styles that identify who I am in music from the way I write, to the way I settle on the beat, and my flow is so different from other artistes.

What does Viboyo mean?
Visions Beyond Your Expectation.

What is your kind of music?
My style has elements of of hip hop, dancehall, kwaito rumba and afro pop.

Who is your best African artiste?
I like all artistes, depending on what they offer in their songs.

It has been quite a journey for you in the industry. When should we expect a concert?
Hahaha. True. Hopefully by next year because I will be fully charged for a mega one.

How many songs do you have?
I’m not sure because they are too many. I need to go back and check my discography.

What is your best collabo?
That would be my new track Appetizer alongside Nince Henry.

What is your lucky number?
I have never thought of any. I’m not the superstitious type.

How old are you?
I’m 30 years old.

What else are you doing besides music?
I am a video producer and gaffer at Swangz Avenue. I am responsible for sighting video locations, props and casts and ensuring the lights are functioning properly. I also own Sound Room, a music, promotion and distributing company.

What are some of the songs people loved from you or you have been part of?
Music Africa, Amulimba, Zina, Love me, Nyumbani alongside Goodlyf duo, the Whistle song and Mr Dj with various artistes, and the recent one, Tell me.

What is your real name?
Moses Nsubuga.

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