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Trying hard to be Beyonce

There has always been a stand off between fashion and comfort. The easy choice of looking fashionable comes with a hefty price of discomfort, so much that the struggle to look sexy almost feels like a suicide mission. What I see is an effort to tell the whole world: “Hey guys what Beyonce can wear I can wear better”. There is an undying desire not to be left out in whatever fashion façade there is. Trends never last too long so people will cling onto any hope of looking the part for now. You will notice miracles of the unskinny stuffing themselves in skinny jeans, ladies having that second toe do more peeping than is allowed and leggings stretched to ungodly limits.
It’s baffling how many people have no regard for their body types and have fallen for those ‘be comfortable in your own skin’ campaigns and embraced whatever fashion craze there is out there. Ladies still refuse to understand that leggings are not for everyone. If your head is hexagonal, going completely bald like Amber Rose my dear, may just spell calamity. There is a thin line between looking sexy and trashy so rushing for every trend might just be your answer to looking like a hot mess.
I know that we live in a world heavily influenced by pop culture in that once anything goes viral, everyone seems to catch the bug, but a level of reason should be considered. Little self evaluation should be able to tell you what is just right for your body. And then we have brethren from the Mid-Life Crisis Association whose fright at the ticking sounds of the biological clock have made them live in denial and adopt the lives of their teenage children. Mothers are desperate to hear those, “you look younger than your age” compliments that they will gladly package their goods into those ill fitting patra shorts, never mind their high concentration of cellulite. At this rate, adults will be found at children’s parks trying to outdo their children on the see-saw in an effort to fit in with the young crowd.
So who lost their life because they hadn’t gotten the new iphone 6? It’s never that serious people. There is so much hype about trivial things and because life is life, people are always going to rush for anything in a desperate ploy to fit in and be noticed but it’s never worth it. If you are going to open your mouth saying “also me I want”, let it be for a good cause.

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