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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Kyoka Ugandans and their maalo

Don’t you love how some Ugandans are quick to embrace every new introduction in society? I mean, people here can have excitoz over anything; relevant or irrelevant, they will chip in and pretend to enjoy it all.
Just the other day, I happened to check in at this popular coffee place at Acacia Mall. In the parking area, I found a young three-year-old crying desperately for her mother. I felt pity and asked her where she last saw her mother. After calming her down, I promised that we would look for the mother – even though this meant making my date wait a little longer – lol.
The first efforts to enter the lift proved futile, as it was packed with humans of all categories, banaye Ugandans. My second attempt was sheer comedy as my immediate neighbour was some dude dressed in an oversized suit, his little son dressed in a similar oversized suit – jeez! Who still dresses up their four-year-olds in such bi attire?
The child, who was evidently in shock, squatted as the lift went up while the father persuaded him cheerfully in vernacular to stand and enjoy the view from the “mirror”.
Meanwhile in that mix, my ka lost buddy spotted its mum and started pointing in her direction. When I looked over (as the lift moved), I noticed the mum chilling at one of the seats along the walkway. I was in shock. Like seriously, who does that? This woman was busy staring at everything that crossed her path while gazing at the lifts as if she was in an amusement park, forgetting that she had come with a child. Mnnnh! SMH!
And all that she could say amid an uncalled for attitude upon seeing me with the daughter was; “Hey, that belongs to me.” Too weird if you asked me!
One wonders how such people even make their way to these places. I mean, this is the reason certain places evoke an entrance fee to shove off such local individuals who got to such places for tours and contribute nothing else except forgetting their children, traumatising the little ones who have never been there (like the little boy squatting), all in the name of venturing at the wrong place moreover?  Ahem!

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