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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Cut the beauty queen some slack!


When she was announced Miss Uganda 2014/15, Leah Kalanguka’s life took a twist. I mean, contrary to the congratulatory messages that fill such a good fairy tale ending, she was welcomed by hate posts and negative talk all over social media.
Mehnnnn… I could not help but feel sorry for this lady, who set out to seize her dream but is having it rough when she should be in bliss. I just hate it when people wait for an event to end and they turn know-it-alls.
What kills it even more is that the so called “judges” are far from confident, good looks, character, name it. One wonders when the world will ever stop judging books by the cover. For example, when Oprah Winfrey hit the social scene she did not only face it rough for her skin colour, but her looks were also a source of insult, abuse and sarcasm to “critics” and “haters”. The same happened for Whoopi Goldberg. Years later Oprah was voted the sexiest TV host alive in 2013 and 2014 while Whoopi was voted sexiest actress and highest paid actress in the same years respectively by Glamour Magazine.
So isn’t it weird that even with such examples that have evidently seen people eat humble pie, we still have others hating and talking without a baseline?
At what point will people realise that beauty is not all about looks but actions that back up those gorgeous assets?
Besides, haven’t we all heard that one man’s meat is another man’s poison? So how about we all try to see the “poison” in Leah that had her go past the six judges to be crowned Miss Uganda instead of insulting her and getting brutally unfair? Manya being as vain as questioning how a farmer made it to Miss Uganda as if we were all not blessed with hands to use and earn a living?
I thought that in this era people knew better than to judge anyone before giving them a chance to prove their worth. Fortunately Oprah and Whoopi have gone against all odds to prove to us that no one has the right to call another “ugly” and that beauty comes with actions. Beauty comes with the thrill of being smart enough to make it in life with the right character to match. Beauty goes skin deep and it is those exact qualities that make one stand out, as the most beautiful being. So stop judging the world and let those who have seized the opportunity do good for themselves while the others slumber in the “critics corner” yapping like their life depends on it! After all, this is not the end of the “Miss Uganda Pageant” so if anyone thinks she did not deserve it, they have next year to rise up to the occasion or send in their relatives, daughters, friends, and let’s see the outcome, howz that?


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