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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : C’mon Judith, just show us the money

When Brick and Lace visited Uganda in 2010, businessman  Charles Mbiire paid them for a private performance at his residence. Apparently the rich man’s two daughters were huge fans of the Jamaican duo then, so daddy made it happen — no hassle!
Before he went AWOL, then tycoon, Mike Ezra made a grand appearance for the Uganda vs Nigeria football game in 2007 in a helicopter at Namboole Stadium. He added pomp by unleashing dimes when the Cranes won the game. Now that is what I call having money and letting it talk.
At this point you will understand why I have issues with people who claim to have a lot of money, but continue to desperately flex with “the broke crew” to make a name.
The past weeks have seen self-acclaimed socialite Judith Heard having the rumour mill rolling with all sorts of stories. From her desperate go at getting noticed by singer Joe at the Jazz Safari concert to her encounter with football star Emmanuel Adebayor during and after the Uganda vs Togo game.
I won’t be judge here because that is not my position but my zib is: At what point do people realise that they can have a better alternative to life and save themselves such uncalled for situations? I mean, Judith Heard has made it known to everyone that “she is living in the fab lane” and yes, no one has refuted that, but can the actions get talking? Honestly, if she is a die-hard fan of Joe, wouldn’t you think that borrowing a leaf from Mbiire would have saved the day? In the same breath, if she loves football that much and is an “Adebayor fan”, wouldn’t she have pasted Ezra’s stunt, or better? After all, money attracts respect and status, right? Then she wouldn’t struggle to defend herself, which is not only ridiculous but worsens the situation.
At the end of the day, these international celebs meet so many people, so if one is ready to act “star struck”, it better come with a worthwhile impact, especially if they claim to have money.
Actions speak louder than words, so if I were Ms JH, I would yap less and let my actions talk so that I do not have to mix and fumble with every “worthy” and “worthless” human at the judge’s table. It would also save me and everyone else the pain of dealing with “cheap rumours”, as attempts to rant, and defend that image (if there is any) prove as futile as a boring local drama. But hey! I am not JH, so well, we’ll all let her and “her so much money” be.

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