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The track : Am loving – Apass, Cindy and Don Mc

apassIf Apass was fishing, I’m loving the way he is getting a bountiful harvest of fans with his top charting track Am Loving spear heading his campaign. This track has two versions, the solo version and the remix featuring Don MC and Cindy. Well I’m talking about the remix here. In one word I call it dynamic as the tempo does not go low with Don MC and Cindy flavouring his chorus giving a hip pop feeling and a feminine touch respectively. For a second, a listener may mistake Apass for Kevin Lyttle with his piercing voice peppered with love punchlines, a characteristic of a true lady’s man.
On this track, he is sings about a seductive lady who makes him fall in love unconsciously. Don MC does what he does best, singing in Luganda with comical lines while Cindy comes through with her “bad gyal” aura. The story line of this song is common but the difference is the talent that each of these artistes brings to it.
A listener will not mind the lyrics but focus on the danceable instrumentals and vocals. Produced by Badi Music, the sound quality is not the best but it is very acceptable.


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