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The dvd : divergent

In a world divided into factions based on values, Tris (Shailene Woodley) learns that she is divergent, which means she can’t fit in any. In their world, when people come of age, they have to choose between remaining in the fraction they were born in and moving to one of the four. There is a fraction for most personalities. Dauntless is for the brave and cool ones.  It is this one that she admires and wants to join. Their initiation tasks are crazy, they include jumping from a moving train, through a dark endless pit from the tallest building ,among so many things.
Tris is the weakest and bravest of all the new people in dauntless. Her courage makes one of the leaders Four (Theo James) get a soft spot for her. It later turns into more. And when he learns that she is different from the rest, he becomes protective because divergent people are looked at as a threat and people try to kill them.
From then on I just kept screaming “kiss, kiss, kiss” to the screen. Four is hot and as if to sink it in, he is shirtless in a couple of scenes and yes, he has six packs. The two make such a cute couple.
I really liked watching this movie, it is one of my 2014 fine ones. If I lived in that country I would be a dauntless.

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