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Acute Angle

The acute angle :‘Premio love’

So Prisca has been telling everyone how my beloved Toyota Premio is old and dusty and she wonders how a girl of her social standing would accept to lower her standards by taking a ride in my spent automobile. The thing is that every time I see her “socially standing” as her legs expire at a taxi station, I feel nothing but pity so I gladly invite her in. Prisca and many other people could never understand the sentimental grip this beauty of a car has on me. Its beauty is in its imperfection. It’s flawed to the point that a once grey exterior has given way to occasional shades of black which I intend to work on soon. You are left in awe at how it is comfortable in its own ‘skin’.

While my dear Premio may not look entirely hot on the outside, it reeks of confidence in jam and I can’t help but notice the stares my baby invites as I ride through town. I feel like a boss in this machine. Many of you ladies have to stuff yourselves in corsets to hide that belly or drown yourselves in make up to downplay facial glitches. Be comfortable in your own skin like my baby Premio. Guys be whining about how my shock absorbers should be replaced and maybe they are right but they really don’t understand. My baby Premio has been to jungles and to valley-like roads but will still have my back. I am into the habit of not braking whenever I reach humps but my baby never complains.

Enter these ladies who will pack their bags very fast the moment you tell her Yaka credit has run out or when you simply tell her that you forgot your mobile money password. Really? Is a little loyalty too much to ask for? Many people will keep around when the ride seems smooth but when you hit a rough patch, they will excuse themselves out at the first chance and you won’t hear from them again.

It’s frightening how people can be so temporary in this world. My baby Premio has been with me through it all. And with ‘aka’ 10k worth of fuel, I could intentionally forget something home, drive to town from Mutungo then come back and pick it up then head back town. It’s economically shy and never asks much.
You take this ‘ka’ chic out and when you insist on buying her Nile Special, she looks at you funny and wants cocktails that cost an arm and a leg. My shafts will make noise as I make a turn but at least my baby Premio is honest and will tell you she has a problem and needs it fixed. Many of these people will never tell you if they have a problem with you but will go ahead to say stuff behind your back. Such hypocrites!

My baby Premio has one indicator meaning she can only go in one direction yet many of these chics will go wherever the wind will take them. It’s called loyalty people. And bambi at times the engine has some problems and may not start and clearly you can see there is a problem but these babes be scheming about how it’s that time of the month not knowing we have their biological calendar plastered on our walls. Pleaaaaseee! My brakes are also faulty but guys I better rush to the garage before I crash ehh.



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