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Singer Fille buys Rav-4, even before she can drive

Fille's Rav 4In a generation where equality rules, it’s very normal if a couple living together and working together both buy their own cars. However, it becomes excitement when someone buys a car even when they have never sat behind a steering wheel. Such is the scenario between Xpozed TV show host Edwin Katamba a.k.a. Mc Kats and his girlfriend/singer Fille Mutoni.

A few months back, Kats acquired himself a second hand Pajero short-chasis. It would be fine if Kats and Fille moved in the same car, especially since Kats is Fille’s manager and they live under the same roof, but when Fille checked her account and realised she had some money to afford a car, she went ahead and bought a second hand Honda.

Fille rushed to driving school, but she has barely had time to attend two sessions consecutively for a week.
However, during a random swing-by at a bond in Kampala, Fille was amused by a discounted price on a Toyota Rav 4; the car she has always loved to drive. Fille called Kats, he drove her Honda to the bond, she topped up some money and they drove back home in a Rav 4.

However, because of her celebrity status, Fille decided to pay for a driving instructor’s services albeit in her new car. We bumped into the singer fidgeting in the drivers’ seat last Friday. As a way of assuring us that she will be out of the learners’ category very soon, she flashed a learners’ driving permit. Nevertheless congs Fille on your new toy.


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