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Four One One

Living within your means


on budget: Not everyone’s parents can give them Shs1m as pocket money, but you can still enjoy campus if you use your dime well. Here are some tips.

Use hostel shuttles

The proximity of your hostel from campus may not be close. In order to save money, make the best use of those hostel shuttles. Your alarm clock will be of help to make sure you don’t miss that early morning ride. Besides, for the dudes, you will get to shoot new birds (read vibe) along the way. Your savings account will eventually smile since you won’t have to spend on Bajajs or takus. Did we tell you that some hostel shuttles also drop you to clubs for campus nights and pick you up?

Get high before hitting the club
This stunt has been tested and proven to be cost cutting by UCU chaps (In most cases, these chaps hit the famous Hive already high and end up sipping on one bottle for the whole night). What’s the secret? Get high on tot packs of bitano or if you’re too cool for tot packs, know which bar has happy hour that night. By the time you make it to the club, you’ll just dance the night away. PS; you may have to buy at least a bottle of mineral water to avoid being thrown out by merciless bouncers.

Benching girls meal time
In case you are a fresher and you don’t know what benching is; it means visiting girls rooms. Hungry broke chaps have taken this a notch higher, make impromptu visits to unsuspecting girls who cook their meals. Even if it means going there in disguise of having a discussion, do it. Discuss for say an hour while you’re sure something is being cooked. Today at lunch time, discuss with Blessing at Dream World hostel, tomorrow still in lunch hours, borrow that handout from Robinah at Akamwesi, the other day, visit Angella at Douglas Villa just to find out which type of car the Guild President drives. After all, your end motive is to have lunch. This way, you’ll end up spending less on meals that semester.

Let a rolex be your daily bread
Make an appearance at the rolex stall whenever there’s a Umeme black out. Be that campus girl who gets herself the most adorable delicacy- rolex in the dark, well, because most of you girls, don’t want to be seen buying a rolex. But it will save a great deal of paper.

Photocopy handouts
You don’t want to spend over 100k on buying handouts do you? Now here’s a trick- for the sharp fast learners. Borrow your coursemate’s handout, read and make a summary. By the time everyone is struggling to buy handouts at the photocopier, you’re sorted with your summary.

Look out for cheap eateries
There are cheap eateries in Banda (Kyambogo), Kikoni (Makerere) and Bugujju (UCU), among others. Instead of dining from Chicken Tonight, put on that hoodie to avoid being seen by your potential babe and head for the kikimu-kikumi joint. Alternatively eat those kikalayi chips fried by Mama Nantongo on the roadside.

Girls need to remain stylish. You can’t be seen wearing the same ka top week in week out, but again you cannot afford to shop in uptown boutiques. Good thing is that hawkers come to girls’ rooms from time to time with bargain items. You can get a serious top at 4k.

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