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Fashion tip :THE FEDORA

Students and university officials cut the third anniversary cake. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL KEZAALAComplete your look with this hat. And it works for both formal and casual looks

Recently, I was watching Chris Brown’s new flame video. Now the one thing that will catch your eye in this video is the all-white outfits.

My personal favourite though, was the fedora hat. The one that he wears in one of the close up scenes. Now, for any man that doesn’t want to clog their look with a lot of items, but still want to make a statement, then the fedora is exactly what you need.

This hat is a classic and if you are the old school kind of guy, then you can surely add this to even a suited up look.
Choose them according to what look you are going to match the hat on. If it’s a casual look, then you can wear your fedora with some prints, like stripes, floral, polka dots and even the African fabrics.

If it’s for a smart casual look, the plain coloured ones, preferably white or black, would be the definite choice.
And just so you know, girls can rock the fedora hat too.


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