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Chameleone flies son to SA for sixth B-day celebration

Chameleone with his sonSay whatever you want about singer Jose Chameleone, but to his wife Daniela Atim and his children, he is a good father and husband. You don’t think so? You try asking his six year old son-Alfa Joseph Mayanja. Alfa was at the receiving end of his father’s love for the whole of last week. Chameleone flew along the boy to South Africa in order to celebrate the boy’s sixth birthday with him.

The singer took time off his preparations for two concerts and took his son to world class kids’ play centres Shaka Marine where they watched dolphins and Moyo, a club where he shot a remake of his Tubonge video. Chameleone also took Alfa on a shopping spree.

However, the trip didn’t only turn out to be a great one for Alfa; it turned out to be a great trip for Chameleone as well. Besides having quality time with his son, Chameleone received $ 20,000 (about Shs52m) for his One Million One Man concert from self proclaimed SA based tycoon Katsha.
Chameleone posted a photo of him and Katsha holding several $100 notes. The singer told us that Katsha paid for five tables for the concert.

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