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AK47 hits at Weasel as he re-launches his solo career

When he crossed from Leone Island to Team No Sleep, singer AK47 was partnered with 18 and Over singer Bakri. To many, by partnering AK47 and Bakri, Jeff Kiwanuka, Radio & Weasel’s former manager, was probably trying to build a new duo.
However, as time went by, Jeff must have realised that his creation was not about to be anything close to East Africa’s dynamic duo. And earlier this week, we learnt that AK47 and Bakri had decided to resume pursuing solo careers.

Our sources at Team No Sleep told us that Bakri was not devoting his all time on singing. “Bakri works in their family tailoring business and he is always busy. He is also back to school and his parents want him to dedicate more time to academics than music,” the source said.

Well, AK47 re-launched his solo career with a bang. The youngest crooner from the Mayanja family hit studio last week and recorded a song hitting at how his elder brother Weasel took off with what he termed as his “leftovers!” Although AK 47 neither mentions Weasel’s nor his ex-girlfriend Samira Tumi’s names in the song titled Musajja Wattu, it doesn’t require rocket science to tell that he is singing about his lost love that was taken away by his very own brother.
Weasel is currently away the in US while his fiancé Samira is expecting her first baby with Weasel. We shall await Weasel’s reaction to AK47’s song!


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