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She borrowed Shs2m to start her beauty products business.

Nakkazi in her cosmetics shop. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE What kind of business are you involved in?
I’m a wholesaler who deals in perfumes, lotions, shower gels, scented candles, body creams, hand wash gels, scrub, beach glow and shimmer lotions.

Why would you be interested in this kind of business?
I like smelling nice and it’s even better when others around me smell good, so I decided to get involved in this business. I also wanted to be involved in something that hasn’t been done yet.

What is the name of your business and why that name?
Red Glowing Beauty Shop, because the colour red is hot and the company that supplies the products I sell is called Forever Red.

It’s said most creams and body lotions have side effects.
True, but my products are moisturisers mainly for scent and body softening. They don’t lighten or darken the skin and they have no side effects.

Why would someone trust your products?
I give my clients a guarantee because I buy them from a credible place. But I trust my products 100 per cent because no one has ever complained.

Where do you buy these lotions?
From the Bath and Body Wax Shop in the US.

How much money did you invest in this business and where did you get it from?
For starters, I used someone’s money to bring in the products and he trusted me because I promised to pay him later on and when I sold my stock, I paid him back. It was more of a debt. He gave me Shs2m in the beginning.

What was the beginning like for you in this business?
When I had just began this business, I used to hawk the lotions because I didn’t have a shop by then. I used to walk door to door and it was so tiresome. I used to get abused and used to sell little. It was so hard because there were few people who knew about my products and those few would travel and get them on their own, but I didn’t give up.

How much do you sell these products?
The price ranges from Shs50,000, Shs80,000 up to Shs100,000 depending on one’s choice.

What challenges have you faced so far?
Most people fear using these products thinking they have side effects which needs a lot of explaining. Others think they are too expensive. Also, because I’m a wholesaler, I only sell when my clients sell. Clients want products on credit and it gets complicated for them to pay back. Then the heavy taxes levied on our products is also another problem.

Where is you shop located?
It’s at Equatorial Mall, Level 3, room number 389.

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