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Hustler : Medina Birungi



She previously worked with a surveying company but Medina decided to open up her own boutique because fashion is her passion.

There is a lot of money in the surveying business. Why did you decide to get involved in boutique business that most women are already involved in?
I wanted to be free. I was just an employee and wasn’t getting enough money. I was missing out on more opportunities and besides owning a boutique has always been my dream.

Why did you decide to name this boutique Pink Styles?
Pink was my nickname back in high school and we always like the colour pink as ladies.

I can see different ladies’ items including jewellery, dresses, shoes and bags. What are your price ranges?
Bags cost from Shs80,000 to Shs100,000, shoes Shs60,000 to Shs150,000, clothes are Shs70,000, jewellery ranges from Shs40,000 to Shs60,000.

Why do you deal in only ladies’ clothing?
I’m a lady for starters and I have no idea about gents’ items. Besides, ladies clothes move fast.

Where do you shop your items from?
I have someone who delivers them from Kenya and within Uganda.

When did you start this business and how much did you invest in it?
I started it at the beginning of this year with Shs3m.

How was the beginning like for you?
It was so hard because I didn’t have an idea about it though I had always wanted to own a boutique, but with friends around, they supported and advised me on certain things, which made things a lot easier.

And how is business like now?
I’m not complaining because business is slow everywhere. We are in a bad season, but I am able to make some money.

If it’s a good season, how much are you able to make in a good day?
If the season is good, I can make Shs500,000.

Why do you deal in second hand clothes?
Second hand clothes are unique unlike first hand clothes.

What challenges are you facing?
Not many apart from clients being few and rent being high.

Which location is your shop and why that place?
We are located at Titanic Plaza, Level 3, shop number TD 33. It’s located in the middle of both up and down town and easier for people who use public means to access it.



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