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How to be …Bad ‘gyal’ Cindy Sanyu


Drama queen: I could easily watch Cindy gyrate on stage or watch an episode of her love scandals played out in the tabloids and still feel the same pinch of excitement, writes Ian Ford Nkera

Even after having a stellar music career spanning more than 10 years, I still struggle to tell which of Cindy’s music career or checkered personal life is more entertaining. That is Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo a.k.a. Cindy for you who is an entertainer by birthright. Previously one third of the now defunct all girl band Blu*3, Cindy has evolved over the years to establish herself as one of the most recognised female voices on Uganda’s pop scene cutting her teeth into the predominantly male stronghold genre of dancehall. Cindy is as talented as she is scandalous giving us a headline or two to meditate about in our local tabloids so you can join me as I usher you into the world of the dancehall singer.

Comeback queen
After leaving Blu *3 acrimoniously and having the nude photos scandal haunting her, one would have expected Cindy to pack her bags and slowly fade away into obscurity but we were certainly not ready for what followed shortly after. A rejuvenated Cindy caused a music splash with her song Ayokyayokya and the girl whose career was headed for the dogs was all of a sudden back on track. Not one to be phased by misfortune, Cindy has made a comeback when you least expected and gone on to give us timeless hits like One and Only, Selecta and a host of others. It takes a lot of courage for someone to be seen naked on a front page of a newspaper and come back even stronger in public. Be strong people.

No muzungu, no visa
So Cindy once excused herself to the washrooms only for news to break that she had gone on some romantic get away with an Italian native. She abandoned her career with Blu*3 just for a sightseeing adventure which was short-lived as expected and she came running back to Kampala only to find herself replaced in the group. So if you are the kind of chick who drools over every white expatriate in hope of citizenship or a ticket to “outside countries”, you might be reading a page from Cindy’s handbook.

Nude City

“Say Cheese” and Cindy gladly smiled at the camera as snaps were taken of her in Eve’s suit. The entrusted photographer who was allegedly a former lover decided to swap love for profit and the snaps were littered in the tabloids and a career that was promising at the time for Cindy was threatened. But honestly Cindy has never been a fan of clothing so you can be sure to find her dressed in something as long as a vest for a blouse. Embrace your body and have those scars out there for the whole world to see if you are going to be like Cindy.

Nkoye Amateeka
The bad girl in Cindy can certainly not let her stay home and do the dishes. The bad girl in her would rather go to a nightclub and get her party on with her girls like she stressed in her chartbusting single Amateeka.The song did little to cover up a relationship that was on the rocks with then boyfriend Mario Brunetti and the father of her lone child. The Italian immigrant had apparently put Cindy on a leash for her rebellious ways and it wasn’t long before Cindy got the boot. Break the rules if you are going to be like Cindy. Who is a fiancé when you can go out with your girls and set Kampala night life on fire?

Bad business?
Forget that Cinderella story where the beautiful girl finally gets hitched to her prince charming. Miss Sanyu has not had her fair share of luck as she had to invest a decade of emotions into something that never materialised into anything tangible. Poor girl waited and waited for a ring until the relationship hit the rocks. If you are a lady fading severely in those chairs with three kids but no ring, this might be the time to take the cue from Cindy and reconsider your future.

Dutchess of scandal
Cindy has been dubbed as a home wrecker after allegedly robbing a certain fellow artiste of a husband and father to her child. For all her positives, scandal follows her like a plague and she always remains a candidate for scorn and abuse. Be the person that always tickles scandal if you are to be anything like Cindy.
So you can go ahead and be like Cindy.


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