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Big Brother postponed after house burns down


Sqoop: The Big Brother Africa season 9 that was slated to begin on Sunday has been suspended after the house in Johannesburg burnt down. There is no word yet on the cause of the fire.

Xander Dance: Don’t I think you don’t already know that God burnt it down? Lol.

Arnold Paul M: Mayb Uganda will win this tym; the curse is burnt down.

Andre Andie: Oba tuli ku ki nw this tym??

Sunday Charles: Sorry I heard that this time after Hellen, Luswata and Toniks being rejected, Uganda doesn’t have representative.

Isaac Starter: Me nah care.

Lwanga Marvin Andrew: Hahaha govt etuyambe.

Mercy Andrewz: I think Mary Luswata cozd that fire afta being rejected.

Kingo Kizito Okokoro: Isn’t there any other free house in the whole of Johannesburg?

Mukasa Moses: Let dem use mine……

Mc Faddy Da Supanova: Doesn’t sound convincing.

Wanyanga Gerrard: If only we knew what was behind some things, we wudn’t waste time on them. Spend time on things that mek value to you.

Akandwanaho G Empex: Even if it doesn’t happen, I don’t care, after all Uganda was not given a chance to participate.

Ali Stunts Nabende: With these Buganda gods running around, it’s inevitable since Uganda will be represented by a Ghanaian.

Esta Matovu: Haters are evrywhr.

Eyotre Edward: We have Namboole (Mandela stadium) enough in Uganda or Mabira Forest. Kam 2Ug.

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