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The acute angle :Chairs’ talk at flopped concert

Mega Dee and Sisqo will share a toast if they found out what befell Jamaican dancehall singer Christopher Martin in Uganda last weekend. The singer popular for hits like Paper Loving, Cheater’s Prayer and Nanana got the shock of his life when he was greeted by echoes and a sizable number of empty seats at the venue of performance, which was Freedom City in Najjanankumbi.

Wait … Did you guys even know that he was slated to perform in Kampala? Pathetic organisation for you. Chris Martin had heard that other Jamaicans like Konshens had been able to draw mammoth crowds when they came to perform so it was only logical that he would also pull a big crowd only to get the shocker. So as silence at the venue prevailed; the chairs in attendance had a conversation of their own.

Chair One: Papa…What’s not happening? Where are people?
Chair Two: Yiiiiii but what can’t you see nawe? Are you that blind that you can’t see the ushers, the guards at the entrance, the MC and the two guys seated at the front.
Chair One: Don’t be silly papa. I mean people who came to attend the concert. I didn’t show up here to be redundant. Mpozi which local artiste is performing?

Chair Two: It’s not a local artiste you dwanzie but a serious Jamaican artiste called Chris Martin. He did the other ka song called, “If you don’t love me now, don’t love me later”.
Chair One: Ohhhhh okay. I know that guy.Nga he is not coming on stage. Did he get stuck in jam?
Chair Two: Waaah. He is also used to performing for people not us, so I don’t think he will be thrilled to come on stage and sing those “ya don knowww” lines.

Chair One: Things are tight my man. So where are the people?
Chair 3, 4,5,6,7 etc: Present. Guys we are here too. We love this Chris Martin guy so we had to come through in full swing.
Chair One: Not you fools. I mean people. How many times will I repeat myself?

Chair Two: Well there is this Musoga singer called Maro who had that Kyokoba concert today at some ka place no one knows called Mackinnon Suites, so I suppose fans went there. But also Freedom City isn’t exactly the nearest place for anyone to come to.
Chair One: Lol…..Papa be serious. You mean an artiste as small as Maro could pull a bigger crowd than Chris Martin?
Chair Two: You guessed right. It turns out Ugandans are beginning to support their own but I guess there was no hype too. I only learnt that he was in town when we were being laid out here, but you listen to CBS, you should have heard a few adverts here and there.

Chair One: Papa don’t be silly. I am styled up. I am more of a KFM guy. Wait what just dropped on me???
Chair Two: My friend that is rain. Gosh what do we do now?
Chair One: Papa….it’s for believing.
Loudspeaker: How come you guys are not jazzing with me?
Chair One and Two: Now check this one. You will be fine.
Nice weekend guys!


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