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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : You don’t need the drama


I know that sometimes we need to have fun to forget the hard reality of life. However, does it have to come with madness?

While at this super cool hangout the other day, I watched as a group of youngsters strolled in. The noise that filled the place when they walked in was just unmissable. Judging by their flamboyant look, they must have been a bunch of spoilt rich kids. You know how they can be, right?
They show up in places where one least expects anyone in their age bracket, then they act like they own everything in there from the waitresses to the managers because for some reason, they think money makes the world go round.
I chose to focus on why I was there and let these little beings enjoy life’s little pleasures. Unfortunately, my moment was interrupted by their rants. For some reason, trouble always follows this lot, jeez!
In this case one camp was accusing fellows from the other gang for hitting on their “baby sister”.
I could have asked for popcorn to enjoy this unfolding movie because the “baby sister” did not match anything close to the word “baby”. So when they chose to behave like lunatics, by dashing out to streets to chase the other lad, amidst “heights” as if on a motor race of sorts, it began to get irritating.
Now you wonder what this “baby” was doing in a place like that, all dressed to provoke and puffing away on shisha like there was no tomorrow.
This mini-skit made me change my mind as I opted to go somewhere else, only to find more drama in the parking area.
One babe was calmly telling off her date that she was not driving home with him. The dude went all wild, pulled her by the wrist and tried to force her into his car. Suddenly the composed cheek changed colours as the poor thing had to save herself from this ruthless being. It took the guards’ intervention and a couple of two other good Samaritans to save the day. Now oba where did this chick hook up with such a guy?
Clearly some men have issues dealing with rejection. I mean, what is wrong with a lady not riding back home with you after a seemingly okay date to the point that it has to get to such extremes? And to think that people actually go out of their way to step out, spend in the name of enjoying the moment only for them to end up behaving like a bunch of hooligans for all and sundry is just weird.
The situations above tell it all. If this is the perfect description of “having some fun to switch off reality for a while” then this world needs help.
Me’hnnn, that’s just too much drama!

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