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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Kweli Kweli – Kalifah Aganaga

Please note this video will bore you. The dance strokes will leave you yawning, not that they are amateurish, but because they have been overdone in our music videos. Don’t watch this video expecting to kill off stress or to get awed, there isn’t anything special as such, except for the few things, those few visual memorabilia that stand out not because the video director intended, but because they always do stand out.
One of those things that try to save this video is that 1970s VW Kombi Camper van. Even though its role is very short-lived, even though the video fails to build on it, it’s still worth watching, at least for the emotions it evokes, those feelings of nostalgia. Had the video been shot during daytime, this van would have made a worthy statement, one that would leave us in mutual agreement at the beauty – too bad our vintage van is killed by the night scene.
Then of course, there are a few black wooden art pieces to stare at, and Kalifah’s sense of fashion to appreciate, dude has those remarkable outfits. You should have seen this Ugandan cowboy with his walking stick, wish he had transferred the same passion to that dancer who lacked even the slightest sense of entertainment as he pulled off his strokes.
The video finally comes to an end and I am pretty confused about things such as the storyline. Did it even have one or it’s one of those videos that’s shot to simply make a song complete. The video will leave you completely disappointed and feeling very cheated. It is just that, basic to the core, boring, calling it average is over-estimation. It deserves a redo.


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