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Singer Exodus duped at Bebe Cool concert


It’s now a public secret that Bebe Cool’s first show at Serena was a sell out. It was the kind where all tickets for the show run out even before gates were opened. Many walked away in anguish while others pleaded and paid even after they were warned that they wouldn’t get anywhere to sit. The security at the entrance was tight and extremely strict, that the few suspicious figures that usually sell fake tickets at outdoor concerts only lingered around the parking lot waiting for any unsuspecting prey.
So when gospel singer Exodus sauntered to the entrance, the no-nonsense security asked him to produce his swipe card and a wristband or he looks for the exit. After his explanations falling on deaf ears, Exodus was called aside by some guys in Bebe Cool T-shirts and they assured him, they would get him into the concert but at a cost of Shs 100,000 per person.
Exodus was determined to attend the event at all costs; he simply pulled out his wallet and gave Shs 300,000 to the lads. They then asked Exodus to wait outside, “as they talk to the security in-charge to convince him to let the Igwe singer and his buddies into the show!”
That was the last he saw of the fellas; they had duped him. Exodus tried engaging the police officers in the parking lot, but they all told him it was hard to trace the guys from the crowd of thousands of people.
It took the intervention of Bebe’s sister only identified as Nagadya, for Exodus and his buddies to be let into the event. One word for Exodus!



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