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Four One One

Sheraton’s seafood culinary adventures

Some of the sea food at Sheraton.SEVEN SEAS: The restuarant specialises in all kinds of sea food like shrimp, lobsters, tuna, salmon, tilapia, nile perch, red snappers and more.

The idea that variety is the spice of life comes alive with Sheraton Kampala Hotel’s culinary adventures. There is local food, continental dishes and they have recently added sea food as one of the options you can choose from for your meal experience.

The addition was made with the launch of The Seven Seas Restaurant recently, which will increase your dining options, a common feature for international hotels.

The seafood menu includes lobsters, red snappers, prawns, salmon, tilapia and much more.
“We recently introduced some new menu items including steaks, pastas and vegetarian specialities. The menu is a la carte so it depends on how many courses you select. You will spend between Shs45,000 and Shs130,000,” Tendo Lukwago, Sheraton Kampala Hotel’s public relations Officer explains.

He says the hotel management started serving seafood as a fresh concept in Kampala as far as dining experiences go. The fine dining, personalised service and the amazing menu options are all set in the restaurant with a unique and elegant design.

It is free sitting with options to either sit indoors or outdoors in an open-plan kitchen. There is a unique “Fish Boat” display in the centre of the restaurant. Seven Seas Restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday for Lunch between12.30pm and 3.30pm and for dinner between 6pm and 11pm. The chefs that prepare the seafood are experienced.
“We have two expatriate chefs as well as a few of our own local chefs that have gained experience working with the international chefs. Our new executive chef also puts in some time there to make sure the food is up to the best possible standard,” the hotel’s publicist adds.

For an ideal date with a loved one, you would spend somewhere between 180k and 250k. Whereas seafood is largely a food enjoyed by foreigners, Ugandans are warming up to the idea of seafood too. Lukwago adds that Sheraton is an attraction to several local celebrities and companies that book private dinners.

Visitor comments
One visitor comments on Tripadvisor, “Sheraton and Seafood – a perfect duo and what a dinner to remember! Check out the hotel’s Seven seas Restaurant. Fresh Lobsters, tuna, red snappers, salmon, tilapia, Nile perches, shrimps…indeed an endless sea of delight! Really, really good!! And take note, to my surprise, they are not as expensive as I expect it to be.” Tripadvisor is a travel website providing directory information and reviews of travel-related content.

On the same website, another guest disagrees, saying, “This restaurant is trying hard to be one of the best restaurants in Kampala but we were not impressed. Good service, nice decoration, average food. We had some appetizers and entrees with shrimps, lobster and fish. All plates were good enough but not really tasty. You will not regret to come to this restaurant but you will easily forget that you have ever been there. Just give it a try but don’t expect to be one of your best food experience in Kampala.”

More options
Sheraton hotel variety stretches beyond seafood offers. Fridays and Saturdays come alive at The Equator Bar. There, you can enjoy a beer at Shs8,500. If you want something hot then try tea or coffee for between 8k and 10k. Sodas or water go for between Shs3,500 and Shs4, 500.

The bar has a lot more options of drinks. If you will not be popping in for a drink or like your drink with some food and music, then you might want to be part of the ‘Mediterranean Night Buffet’ every Friday featuring performances by a live band. If you have a sweet tooth then you will find a place at Temptations Cake Shop. You do not have to cook on Sunday. There is the Sunday Brunch at The Paradise


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