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Priscilla Ray to open diapers factory

If Priscilla Ray missed a party back in the day, something would clearly be amiss. But the lithe model told us she got exposed to the bigger world and she outgrew things like partying. And Ray is now concentrating on her journey of turning into a business mogul.

More than a year and a half ago, she purchased land along the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe. Construction is going on the land and if her words are anything to go by, we might have a new beach owned by the former model.
And now Ray has jumped into another big investment. She is in the process of starting her own factory that will manufacture diapers.

The has come up with her brand of diapers called Wellness Funky Pants and they are currently being manufactured under her guidance in China. She is personally marketing and distributing her products around supermarkets in Kampala as she studies the market.

“The reception is excellent and I plan to start a factory that will not only make diapers, but a range of mother and baby products as well as other necessities for people in their everyday lives,” she told us.



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