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hustler : Sean Budeyo


What type of business are you dealing in?
I deal in IT Consultancy. My company is called Techware Logistics. You can get my full dossier on my website

Why did you pick an interest in IT consultancy?
I have always been fascinated by the way gadgets work. Technology is some kind of hobby to me so I tend to love being that tech guy whom others consult when they have problems.

When exactly did you get involved in this field?
I have been doing this kind of work for over five years now, which means I started it in 2009.

What qualifies you to do this sort of business?
The desire to do this kind of work is what really spurs me into doing it and of course my technical know-how.

What are your charges for the services you offer?
My charges range from Shs20,000 to Shs5m given the job at hand. My fees are negotiable because the services in the IT industry aren’t like commodities in the market that have fixed prices. The magnitude of the problem dictates the price.

How have you benefited from this business?
It has taught me how to deal with clients with different attitudes and personalities. It is also my source of income for it pays my daily bills.

And what challenges are you facing currently?
The challenges I’m facing are the usual. Every client loves quality work but not all clients are willing to pay the price for quality.

Where is your office located?
It’s located in UMA showgrounds Lugogo, on Maganjo building.



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