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Kenzo to officially visit expectant Rema’s parents

Speculation is not our thing. That’s why we were not part of the bandwagon that alleged Rema Namakula was pregnant so many months ago. But as usual we bring you “truth everyday,” and here is the latest. We can reliably confirm that Rema is expecting her first child. We first got wind of news that the singer, who is a staunch Muslim according to her peers, did not fast during the holy month of Ramathan.

But we still chose to stay away from speculation. And all that time, Rema hid her baby bump in hijabs. However, during Big Eye’s album launch concert last Friday, Rema decided to officially show us her baby bump. Clad in a yellow top that clearly revealed her bulging tummy, Rema could not afford to jump around on stage with ease as has always been her performance; she instead performed with extreme caution and didn’t dance a lot.

We have it on good authority that Rema’s current situation is as a result of her relationship with singer Eddie Kenzo. Our sources in US where Kenzo has been for the past one month on a musical tour, told us that the Sitya Loss singer has already shopped more than enough baby clothing and other items in anticipation of his child with Rema. The source further revealed that preparations are in high gear for Kenzo to officially visit Rema’s parents as soon as he returns next week. All the best Kenzo and Rema.

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