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connie’s tiffs : Who are Uganda’s celebs really?


So last week, I saw a story listing the top 100 celebrities in Uganda in one of the leading dailies.
I imagined it was all a joke, even though the publication laboured to explain how they arrived at the given results.
While some of the names on the list can pass for such a status, one cannot help but question the definition of the word “celebrity” judging by the names that made it on this list.
In my view, a celebrity is a person who has gained both local/national and international recognition from varying groups of people in any category.
Now if I compiled a list of the top 100 celebrities in Uganda and please note the key word here “Uganda” and failed to include the obvious ones like the president of this country then I would not blame anyone if they said, I had lost my mind.
I think some of these people should not take their readers for granted especially if they attract a well-informed audience. Hence it would not hurt if they paid key attention to some simple journalistic ethics like having a well-balanced and fair article thanks to in-depth research for accurate information as opposed to compromising standards just to run the article.
I mean, I cannot even recall half of the names on that list, which makes me wonder; who’s fooling who?

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