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Connie Tiffs

connie’s tiffs : Unfortunately, money can’t buy class


By now, it is pretty obvious that getting rich may not necessarily come with going to school and the like, right? I mean take a quick look at some of the tycoons in this town and you will know what I am talking about.
Unfortunately, some things even with the money to match may never come easy. Just the other day, I watched one loaded dude embarrassing himself before everyone at one of the plushest nightclubs in industrial area. This dude walked in with a “pretty young thing” (PYT) and the couple was led to one of the secluded sections meant for, the rich, famous, lucky, well-connected… (err, give it any name you wish) group of people.
The excitement on the ka chick’s face was evident while the loaded guy walked past everyone with a swell to match.
The drinks kept flowing and within a short while the chick got up and started dancing her head off while Mr Moneybags watched with a grin. Shortly after, he got up as if to join her only for him to go all “oga” on her.
Dude unleashed a bundle of dimes and “made it rain”, showering her with the notes from head to toe. Before getting on his knees to lay the notes club floor for her to dance on.
Eish! Now this did not only startle everyone but also had them questioning this man’s sanity. Okay, we all understand some of these chaps work hard for this money and its okay for them to spend it as they please but oba this was too much?
And please note, too much in the “being local line” and proudly exposing it. One could evidently see that the babe was getting a bit embarrassed but we shall not feel so sorry for that one because she should have known better that this was coming her way. I mean you can tell a local guy even when he is covered in gold huh?
All in all, you can imagine the minutes he spent on his knees laying note by note while his date struggled to dance and fulfill his wish of dancing on the money and pretending to enjoy it all. Ahem, like they say, indeed, “money can’t buy class.”




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