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the track : Leader – Flex D’paper ft. Shiela waya

trackAfter listening to the recently realised Ugandan rap cypher, one will realise that apart from being a marketing tool for the 256 rappers, it was also a collection of those rappers who have been able to get a reasonable airplay. Among them was Flex D’paper signed to the Rapa Holix label, famous for his Shutting Down Towns duet with Martha Smallz. He is back on the scene with his new jam Leader, featuring Sheila Waya.

One thing about this young rapper is that through his music, he is striving to set himself apart from the likes of Navio and GNL, by categorising himself in what he calls new school music, saying the other rappers are old school. On this song, he proclaims himself leader of this musical game. “These rappers are not real, they all fake it,” he sings in his first verse. Such braggadocio lines are typical of hip pop and rap music.
Sheila Waya focuses her vocals on the chorus while Flex raps to this multi-tempo song in all the three verses. This song is characterised by lows and peaks, which is a strategy to get a listener picking lines from his lyrics as one feels the lows as he raps in the verses, followed by the chorus on a danceable beat.

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