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the dvd : The Guilt Trip

Oh the Guilt Trip, I don’t know how to start reviewing you. But let us start with your title, which comes off as a bit misplaced, right and then misplaced again.
This flick is about a somewhat unhealthy relationship between one mother and her son. Since the death her husband, Joyce (Barbra Streisand), has not dated anyone choosing to focus on her only son Andy (Seth Rogen) instead. She nags him so much that he decides to take her with him on a business road trip where one of the stops will be at her childhood sweetheart’s home. His plan is to reunite the two and get her off “his back”.
However sweet that is, can you imagine going to Las Vegas with your mother? Not cool, right? I thought so too.
Any way, it turns out to be the most interesting trip ever. With a mixture of emotions from tears, joy to love, it is a mother of road trips.
It is an average and clean movie that you can watch with family. And if you like eating as much as I do, you won’t help liking Joyce. She loves her food so much that she enters a challenge to eat two kgs of steak with their accompaniments in under an hour. You think it is easy? Try it!


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