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Why act when you can just be yourself?

Last week, I happened to rub shoulders with a group of well exposed people.
The thing with exposed people is that they can quickly tell the difference between fake and real characters.
So this babe walks in evidently looking like she had invested some good time to look the part.
That was not a problem until she started acting all weird with a fake accent and fake attitude to match.

Chick pretended like she did not want to associate with anyone at the do which made one wonder why she came for it in the first place.
Fast forward, the drinks kept flowing and she gladly took them despite her “I don’t wanna know attitude”. Chicks can be funny. You give attitude but then the offers from the rejected person are all welcome?

Anyway after a while with the liquor taking its toll, she got up and started dancing with all the people that she had rejected. As if that was not enough, she even made attempts and moves to some of these particular people to the shock of many! In the end, guess who had their true colours exposed?
Life is indeed interesting. So one wonders, why do some people find it so easy to act yet they can just save themselves the burden and be themselves?
Besides, when has being courteous or responding to a polite hello from anyone ever insinuated that they are interested in you or could harm you?


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