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Miss Uganda organiser Brenda Nanyonjo five months pregnant

BrendaFinally, we know why the organisations of this year’s Miss Uganda search have stalled. The key organiser of the beauty pageant Brenda Nanyonjo was engulfed in a couple of problems ranging from morning sickness and weird cravings. The cause of all this is the bun that Nanyonjo has been baking in her oven for about five months.

We bumped into her at Namugongo Road based hangout Asylum Lounge last Friday. Nanyonjo was at the club with reigning Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe and former Miss Uganda Phiona Bizzu as well as other former Miss Uganda contestants. Our sources told us that Nanyonjo and the girls were out on a party night.

Well, she was not the curvaceous Nanyonjo whose back-side always got heads turning wherever she went, this time round she was in a long dress and was not in the mood to shake what her mamma gave her despite being cajoled by the other girls. While the beauty queens danced the night away, Nanyonjo joined a couple of men and channelled all her attention to the soccer the match between Brazil and Columbia as she sipped on a soda.

When asked who the lucky dude was, Nanyonjo simply told us that he was out of the country, and when pressed for more details she replied, “That’s all I can tell you!”
Our investigations teams has already embarked on a search for details of the man responsible for Nanyonjo’s condition, for now, all the best Nanyonjo.

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