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Kansiime’s manager takes on Eddy Kenzo

Like the adage goes “Good things happen to those who wait,” Eddy Kenzo is the perfect example of exactly that. His Sitya Loss song appeared on Trace Africa top ten tracks for two months and he is slated to become the first East African artiste to be hosted on the Ellen show together with the kids who appeared in the video that has so far got more than four million views on YouTube.

The hits went up last week after US hip hop mogul Diddy posted the video on his Facebook page.
Now info streaming in is that the artiste is slated to sign a contract with Grajosh Talent Management under Johnson Mujungu and his wife Grace Ntolera Mujungu. He is a personal manager for comedian Anne Kansiime and is also the international manager for Patrick Salvado Idringi.

Details of Kenzo’s contract haven’t been released yet but going by the success he’s having, it’s going to be a hefty one. “Yes it’s true we are negotiating but the deal hasn’t been struck yet,” Kenzo said about this development.
However, a few moments after talking to Kenzo, Mujungu updated his Facebook page referring to himself as Kenzo’s manager, asking the public to look beyond Kenzo’s English language gaffes.

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