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Bugingo, Bobi Wine partner up in new movie

Bobiwine and the rest of the team on set.When it comes to empowering the average person, singer Bobi Wine takes the mantle. From singing songs that relate with the ghetto people, Bobi has been very instrumental in participating in youth empowering projects and health campaigns for the ghetto people.

And when Twaweza, a local NGO thought about a movie that would inspire social change amongst the youth, Bobi was the first person to cross their minds. But they also needed other technical people, including an experienced technical person that they found in Mustapha Abdulla a.k.a Musta and a suiting producer that they found in comedian Hannington Bugingo a.k.a Bujju!

The trio have since partnered to make a movie titled Situka, directed by Kwezi Kaganda, in which they intend to empower the youth with knowledge to demand for their social rights.
Besides Bobi, Bujju and Musta, the cast is also made up of quite a team. Actors like Simon Kalema, Frobisher Lwanga, Raymond Rushabiro, Michael Wawuyo as well as Emma Kakai and Helen Lukoma are part of the cast.

Filming started this week in Jinja and if the movie director’s words are anything to go by, the movie will be screening two months from now.

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