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Aisha Allibhai making a return to KFM

Aisha Allibhai She was a darling to so many KFM listeners but Aisha Allibhai quit the station for greener pastures at Global Trust Bank a few years ago.

She not only broke several hearts of loyal KFM listeners and fans but also broke her morning show co-host Roger Mugisha’s heart! “We had become so close, we were like brother and sister, and we were like partners. Companies were inviting us to host events together,” Roger told us when Aisha had just quit KFM a few years back.

But although she has been enjoying a good office as the Communications Manager at Global Trust Bank, Aisha must have been missing the fun and fans that came with her former job.
And we have it on good authority that she is set to make the bold move and return to the floor above the Sqoop headquarters at 8th street in Namuwongo.

Yes, Aisha had a meeting with top management and she already put pen to paper. But just like all managers and their “confidentiality clause” talk, the bosses at KFM were not comfortable sharing info about her return. They insisted that “we would know when time was right.”But for us, every time is the right time, and we were able to dig deeper from other sources at the “Better Information, Best Music” station and we learnt that Aisha is likely to return as a Corporate Affairs Manager for the station. We further learnt that she returns within the second week on August. Welcome back Aisha.

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