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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


why doesn’t africa excel in world cup?


Sqoop: After Nigeria losing 2:0 to France and Algeria losing 2:1 to Germany, Africa’s hopes to lift the Fifa World Cup this time ended at the round of 16, not even a team in the quarter finals … what do you think is Africa’s problem????
Mwalye Dan Jones: Motivation, money!

Akandwanaho G Empex: 4sua Africans are corrupt coz I observed how the referees were doing it.

Nabong Solomon Gordon: Governments should give in a hand of help.

Eyotre Edward: It’s called minus Africa World Cup.

G Willy Iverson: We gat no luck jst, bt tha Nigerian footbaLl and Ghana atlst have improved a bit.

Nasasira Harrison: FIFA (Football Isn’t For Africa).

Pizzazzie UgandanHustler Pizzie: Africa z not favoured en it make them (zungu) feel bad when they see Africa on da chat.

Muwanguzi Josh: I think da problem is da African players and coaches. Instead of playing the African football, they are trying to play as de bazungu which is impossible.They will qualify if they get to realise thy r Africans not whites.

Baguma Ronnie Jnr: They discover themselves after university.

Ragy Rato: Uganda Cranes is the solution to African problems.

Queslaine Bryan: Can’t think abt em cz I never invested my emotions en support in em even b4.

Lwanga Marvin Andrew: Lack ov skills …….they r lyk Team No Sleep.

Chrizestom Kato: The probem iz dat the only team dat can try has never qualified for the World Cup.

Kairanga Shafic: Magic.

Kasamba Ryan: That Ghanaian witch forgot that CR7 ain’t a team.

Winnie Hobby: I think they discover their talents late when da bones r hard to turn compared to whites.

Elo Paulson: We lack belief. As u know, if u believe u can achieve.

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