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The acute angle :Letter to a ‘side dish’ friend

Hi there,
So you drove past me again this morning and clearly my attempts to wave you down for a lift didn’t bear much luck. The wait for a taxi at that Kintintale stage can be one frustrating one so you really can’t blame me much for that show I always put up whenever you pass by. Beautiful car you’ve got there! For a young lady like yourself, the Toyota Harrier 2014 model you are driving now is the perfect fit. Isn’t that like the second car this year? I can imagine your job must be paying pretty well for you to afford such a lifestyle. Oh and I heard that Karuhanga guy who shows up at your apartment every night is your boss too. But what do I know? I am just an ordinary guy who feeds off the little gossip around our small neighbourhood.

You must be wondering who this nosy guy could possibly be? Remember that guy who helped you fix your car tyre about four months ago just outside your apartment? Yeah I am that guy and I actually don’t stay too far away from your place. Probably a couple of blocks away. Surely I had never been the kind to meddle in other people’s lives but I couldn’t help but notice the downturn your life has taken. The screams that came from your house during the night just couldn’t be ignored. While I never got to talk to you again, it breaks my heart to see you crumble by the day. It hasn’t taken me long to notice that your beautiful face has given way to scars. Once full of soul, you now appear withdrawn like you are fighting a war you know can’t win. Your tears are ever flowing and you are now a complete shadow of yourself.

Is it that Karuhanga making you look like this? Why doesn’t he instead tend to his three-months pregnant wife? Oh wait, did you even know? Well I am sorry you have got to find out like this but yes he is married and for a long time now. You had always been a distraction and he honestly never took you seriously. And just like you, there are dozens of other girls who have been manipulated by him and continue to fall under his spell. I can imagine the fairytale you always dreamt about but this isn’t what you are getting now. The trips to Dubai, the plush apartment you stay in and the luxury cars were only to keep you interested while he exploited you like he has done to others before.

A long look into your mirror should just hint at how beautiful you are and another look at your hands should tell you just how much potential you have and just how much you can achieve on your own. Being materialistic shouldn’t be about you wanting the latest iPhone or the latest designer wear but the real material should be your happiness and that’s what you should be fighting for right now. You are definitely not deserving of the second best role and no one should take you for granted let alone place their hands on you. I’ll be at your place to help you pack this evening and please find the car log book. We just might need it.
Nosy Neighbour.


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