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the dvd : That Awkward Moment

Is there anything in this world that is more complicated than relationships? In this movie, we explore a few of the numerous awkward moments in relationships. For example, that awkward moment when you assume that you are dating a guy because you have had sex with him six times, only for him to start the, “You are such an amazing girl…” line. Then it hits you that you are the only one that thought you were in a relationship. Or that awkward moment when your friends walk in on you making out in the weirdest position ever. And guess what? They are talking about the fact that you called the girl you are with at that moment a hooker.
Three best friends Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) find themselves at a point where they are not sure if they are dating or not and are wondering where the affairs are going. We have all been there, haven’t we? They decide not to get into relationships and instead sleep around, use girls and remain vague about the category of their affairs. It is obvious that they will fail just like you and I would.
They end up having to do ridiculous things to get back the girls, this leads to so many “aaaawww” moments. This is not a good watch because of suspense or twists, it is nice because you will relate to it and it is humorous.

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