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Sheeba’s semi-nude photo creates social media buzz

SheebaSheeba is clearly the fastest rising artiste in the land and the former dancer might need a panel of brand custodians to teach her a thing or two on protecting the image of rising brands.
Over the weekend, a one Hijira posted on her Facebook wall accusing the singer of stalking her boyfriend who also happens to be Sheeba’s ex. In the heavily-worded post that we couldn’t publish here because of the excessive foul language it carried, Hijira advised Sheeba to stick to her relationship with girls. Hijira also accused Sheeba of having something with the Good Lyfe boys.

However, in her simple response, the Ice Cream -singer made it clear that she loves sex and finds it cool to share a man with another woman.
And since her attacker had mentioned something about her body detoriating, Sheeba chose to take it to the extreme as she posted a photo of herself in knickers and a bra on her wall to show that her body is still intact.

Sheeba’s photo has since attracted equal negative and positive criticism. Those against the pictures, who are mostly women are talking self-respect and dignity, while the pro-photo fans have showered Sheeba with lots of praises for her curvy body.

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