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Connie Tiffs

connie’s tiffs : Riders Lounge should style up

 The unfinished job of the ceiling at Riders Lounge.  PHOTO BY CONNIE NANKYA
It strikes you as the perfect place for one to end a long day. Beautiful cozy ambience, good food, a well-stocked bar and warm friendly service among others.
I am talking about that Riders Lounge, located at the new Village Mall in Bugolobi.

But you know what they say that not all that glitters is gold, yes, my moment of shock happened when I looked up at the ceiling and saw an evidently unfinished job.

I mean a bunch of “naked” bricks welcomed my eyes. I just could not hide my disappointment.

How is it possible that one can invest in having a sophisticated look,  coupled by the appropriate furniture, décor, etc and fail to fix the ceiling to at least a desirable look? Especially if the target audience is the “loaded” fellas, or “spend thrifts”. If you have been there, you will know what I am talking about.
For example, in Riders Lounge, do not get shocked if the price of beer doubles the normal cost from an ordinary bar. But guess what? To a “spendthrift” this is nothing. However, it will be “a big deal” if they do not get value for money.

And in this case it is as simple as matching up the standards at all fronts. So having an attractive, complete setting is one of them! Of course bearing in mind that there is competition on the market who have it all in check hence can pass as bearable.

No one wants to sit at a place worried about the source of their next possible injury, especially if the first impression is one that convinces you of “quality”. If these guys ever thought that this could pass as okay, then they certainly were wrong and I trust they can do much better than this.

Like they say, a word to a wise is enough, these Riders Lounge chaps had better style up.


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