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The movie : Blended


Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore,
Director: Frank Coraci
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 117 minutes
Now showing: Cinema Magic, Metroplex Mall Naalya

The first time we saw them together, Adam Sandler was a wedding singer and Drew Barrymore a waitress in the aptly titled The Wedding Singer. The second time, Barrymore was an amnesiac artist while Sandler was a womanising vet doctor in 50 First Dates. In the two movies, they made quite the adorable couple, tugging at out heartstrings in typical rom-com fashion.

The pair is back as Jim and Lauren, single parents with three children each. This time, there is no cute-meet for their characters. Instead, they meet on a blind date where everything that can go wrong, does. Think spitting food and wishing you never see the other person past the date.

But there wouldn’t be a movie if the two don’t meet so they do, in a twist of coincidence (or fate if you believe in that sort of thing), when a mix-up with their credit cards leads to a family vacation in Africa. Cue the clichéd drums and music we have come to associate with our continent in almost every movie, and the two families are scaling game parks together albeit grudgingly at the start.

In short, what we have is the sort of movie we have come to expect from Sandler. The kind you watch for the fun of it and not in the hope of getting some profound message. You can watch it with the older children though you might have to explain certain jokes which border on the adult, never mind that it is the child actors delivering them.

You know those movies that have you laughing in between jeers and shaking your head? This is one of them.


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