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The dvd : Last Kiss


I like how this movie starts, it is like a visual of the start of Jordin Sparks’ song, One Step at A Time. The movie is about a group of male friends and the different things they are going through in their relationships.

One is in an open relationship with a girl that’s a tiger in bed. These two are always making out. All his friends envy him until she asks him to meet his parents. Another even on his wedding day is begging his ex to come back to him and another’s relationship with his girlfriend is ruined once they have a child.

The focus though is on Michael (Zach Braff) who cheats on his pregnant live-in girlfriend Jenna (Jacinda Barrett) and she leaves him. To get her back, he is forced to do things that many guys who watch this will frown at as the girls will “aaaawww” because it is sweet.

This movie has something for people in all kinds of relationships. Depending on yours, it might be a little uncomfortable to watch if in the company of your girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever you call them. But it is a good watch.


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