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Date with a celeb : Cindy Sanyu meets fan

Cindy (R) with her fan Aggy

Isaac Ssejjombwe

Moving on: Recently, she made headlines having separated with the father of her daughter and longtime partner Mario Brunette. Looking ahead, Cindy meets up with her fan Aggy Best.

Hi Cindy, finally I get to meet you. Tell me who Cindy is.
My name is Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo. I’m a Munyoro/Itesot by tribe and the fifth born in a family of eight. I’m ambitious, open-minded and strong willed.

Are you the only person who took up a singing career in your family?
Oh no. I have a little brother called Yanki who is an artiste as well. At the moment, he sings with me in my band Bandcindy, but he is working on starting a solo career. His first single Some More is already out.

Good luck to him. When did you realise you wanted to be an artiste?
I started writing silly little songs when I was six-years-old. Whenever I watched Chaka Chaka, I swear I thought I was her (laughs). My mum used to tell me that I had a great voice, so I knew then that singing is all I wanted to do when I grew up.

How many songs do you have with international artistes?
Well, I have three songs so far. You and Me with P-Square, Dilemma with Mr G and Bobi Wine and Slippery When Wet (remix) alongside Nyanda.

I heard some international artistes charge a certain amount to do songs with them. Have you ever experienced this?
It’s true some do, but I have never had to pay any.  With all my international projects, I sent them my work and they were impressed, then agreed to work with me.

I recently heard and read in the papers that you had separated with Mario, the father of your child. Is it true and why did you two separate?
Yes, we separated, but I can’t share my private life in the press.

For how long were you together?
We were together for 10 years.

How have you managed to keep your daughter from the public eye for all this time?
I don’t know how I have managed, but I’m just grateful to God every day.

You are one of the most consistent female artistes in Uganda. How have you managed to do that?
Thank you for that. Well, I think it’s because I haven’t yet got to a point where I feel successful. I always feel like I’m not there yet and I have to work even harder.

What else do you do besides music?
I’m a mother, so most of my free time is spent raising Amani, my daughter who is making three years next month. I also have a band and we meet up and jam three to four times a week. I also part-time at Kyaligonza Fashions in the creative department. You see, I’m quite a busy woman.

For the past one month, can you tell us how much you’ve made out of music?
Hahaha. Don’t make me laugh. Seriously you want me to tell you my monthly income? No, I can’t sorry.
Now that you’ve refused to tell me how much you earned, what investments have you made through music?
I have invested in my band. I own a backline and PA system worth Shs40m.

What projects should we expect from you this year?
I don’t like ruining the surprise, so just know as always I have a lot of food in the kitchen. It just depends on how hungry you are.

Among your songs, which is the best?
Since I write my songs, every song has a story and meaning. They are all special to me.

Do you belong to any record label?
Yes. I started working with Talent Africa this year.

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