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Connie Tiffs

Why should Goodlyfe wash their dirty linen in public?

Connie Nankya 

Just the other day, I walked passed a five-year-old boy singing along to Mowzey Radio and Weasel’s Ntunga track. I was impressed at how this duo has managed to create music that cuts across all age groups.

However my impressed moment did not last for long because later that day, my eyes were treated to some shocking vuyos of the feud between these guys’ at their home.
Watching a group of guys evidently blazed, hurling insults at one another in front of cameras was such an embarrassment.  As for the plants of weed that were being uprooted by the police, I will say-”no comment”. Oba what is wrong with these chaps and exposing their dirty linen whenever the opportunity avails itself?

I know everyone has got that moment of “disturbia” but hey, what happened to anger management? Okay at least if it is not for keeping a good image and reputation, then let it be for the little ones who have embraced this group as their role models.

I mean just the other day, we heard and even saw Solange Knowles having quite a moment kicking and hitting Jay-Z in front of her sister Beyonce Knowles. I would say, that was their “human moment” of getting angry and expressing it. The difference here is that they kept that anger until they reached the elevator where it was hard to hear what it was and managed it before facing the public, as they walked out like all was okay.

Even the fans did not suspect anything until later when the media picked up on the video (minus the sound).  Now that is what I call respect for oneself and their fans. So is it so hard for some of our “local celebrities” to emulate some of these antics? I mean act like a group of grownups who know how to act responsibly, when and how to handle all these moments of embarrassment.

Otherwise we are getting fed up of the make-ups and break-ups. Especially when it keeps on getting worse. I mean vandalising property and treating the whole neighbourhood to a threat alert.

It is obvious that everyone has a price to pay for being in the public eye but by now, we would want to believe that after that reconciliation with Bebe Cool and Chameleone, Radio and Weasel had come to terms with all these challenges and everything else involved.  But clearly, actions speak louder than words.

So wake me up when a different story comes up in regards to our local chaps and handling their “dirty linen”.

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