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Mubbi Bubbi – Maro & David Lutalo

The music video

Ian Ortega

This video should be watched with a disclaimer; “Not favourable to feminist audiences”. It is a visual narration of a lady who moves in with Maro only to serve him with a divorce order. On the whole, it’s a story of two men crying out loud about a marriage gone wrong, with the lady coming out as the winner.

I love how the colours and the lights were regulated to evoke the melancholic emotions that the video aimed to display. From the items thrown around in the house, the half-open books, the art pieces hanging on the walls, and the windy atmosphere in the video, one can’t help but side with Maro and David Lutalo as they make their point about this girl who came with a simple bag of her belongings but gets to leave with a truck full of items in the event of the divorce. Trust Lutalo when it comes to acting out the sad parts. Clad in a black shirt, he joins Maro in the sobbing as the two ponder the next move. At the end, Maro in a blue shirt goes into  pleading mode, perhaps trying to buy more time.

However, the video cheats us on the part of the lady. We see less of her in action as the video plays about. This is biased, because the only momentary image we get of the lady is when she’s throwing off a sexually suggestive move, one that speaks volumes about a done deal. We certainly needed a back in time illustration of the early days of this couple, but all this is lacking.

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