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Less can actually be more

Style is one thing if it’s done right. However it can be a huge problem if we get it all wrong.
While at the mall last week, there was this babe next to me. Her hair extension was almost two metres long. To make matters worse, it was a multi-coloured one. That was not all. Her finger nails were almost two inches long. The heavy make-up of different shades also made it hard for one to tell what her original skin complexion was.
As for the dress code, what can I say? It was a mish mash of all sorts of things.

Suddenly I failed to concentrate on what I was doing because I was staring at her. I mean do people actually hate themselves that much that it would call for the use of these weird products to boost their confidence?
And I thought times had changed huh? I thought people had stopped bleaching and moved on to dealing with who they are. And that being “black and real” had since become the new “beautiful”.

But well, this scenario had me thinking twice. Then I quickly wore her dude’s shoes. Yes, the one who was next to her holding her hand and imagined the pain he had to endure every day. Unless he appreciated her bizarre appearance, then I rest my case.
So when will some Ugandans realise that sometimes less can be more? That sometimes sticking to who you really are, can be the ticket to an all confident you?
I am not saying do away with some of these things because one has the freedom to do what they want but it should not make them look like little vampires looking for blood.
Anyways, I guess the day that will happen will be the day Jesus will return to this universe.

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