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Date with a celeb :Guitarist Myko Ouma meets fan

Ouma chats with Muhumuza. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEGuitarist Myko Ouma meets his fan Trevor Muhumuza.

Who is Myko Ouma?
Myko Ouma is a musician and statistician. However, my concentration is on instruments with the guitar at the forefront. I’m the fifth born in a family of six. I went to Makerere College School and Makerere University. I chose music as my career path but do lots of other businesses in my private life.

Why did you decide to play a guitar? It looks complicated instrument to me. 
The guitar is easy to use as a tool of expression combining sounds and rhythms from all other instruments that I play.

Which other instruments do you play?
I play the tube fiddle commonly known as the endingidi, akogo, piano, trumpet, drums and the adungu, among others.

When did you start playing the guitar?
I have been playing different instruments since I was a toddler but concentrated on the guitar about 12 years ago and professionalised my occupation in 2010.

How old are you?
I’m 28 years old.

Where have you played so far?
I have played at many concerts both locally and internationally especially in Europe, around Africa and the Middle East.

Who inspired you to play the guitar?
I wasn’t inspired to play the guitar specifically, but to make music in general by a bass player called Abraham Laboriel when I was six years. My dad and siblings, however, played the guitar too, meaning I come from a musical family.

How many album launches have you had so far in the industry?
I don’t do album launches. I do thematic concerts/events and now I’m in a MykOuma series that will have season three this year and later evolve. Besides that, there are other events that I run all over the world.

What is the difference between a guitar and other instruments?
All instruments are different. The guitar belongs to a family of chordophones and is usually strung with six chords (strings) or more and played in so many ways.

How much would a good guitar go for?
It would cost you anything between $100 (about Shs250,000)  to perhaps $20,000 (Shs50m) depending on which type you want and what you want to use it for?

Is it an easy instrument to learn?
Learning duration is very subjective. Some may take a month to master the basics and upgrade to advance and others could even take a decade. It all depends on the musicality and intellectuality of someone.

Where do you see the music industry with your kind of style?
UG music is quite diverse and segmented though integrating slowly with fusion of styles and audiences. Previously, you couldn’t have a jazz gig downtown, but the game is changing and the scope widening. Generally though, we are on the right track, though we are in a long transit.

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