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The track : This Year – Dr Hilderman

When Dr Hilderman decides to do his thing this way, I could listen to him all day. He is a whole new creation, a voice of inspiration, the very streams of rejuvenation that breed triumph out of the most hopeless of situations. And in doing this, he sets himself aside as a truly versatile artiste, one who appeals to both your vain self, and, importantly, as the soothing balm that your soul needs all too well.

He stands in the stature of prosperity preachers, as they work up their crowds to stand up and claim their blessing. But he is not harassing the Almighty for his blessing, like the preachers do. He is taking a step of faith, pressing the Refresh button on his life as a New Year starts, believing God to make him an achiever this year, to go from his level to an International one, to rise beyond what his enemies thought he’d ever reach. And as he sings, he makes you say a prayer of the same magnitude for yourself too.

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