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Law course troubles legislator Ken The Man

Ken LukyamuziLaw school is known to be a hard nut to crack for our legislators, who want to furnish themselves with knowledge of the law. Ask the likes of Gen Moses Ali and Hon Mukasa Mbidde who are recent graduates of Makerere’s law school. It seems comical legislator Ken Lukyamuzi a.k.a “The Man”, did not contact his colleagues before he decided to pursue a Law degree.

Yes, Lukyamuzi is now a second year Law student at Makerere University. However, the status of his academic record is not as amazing as his oratory gift, according to sources that sit in the same class with him.
According to a source, Lukyamuzi spent most of the time during last semester’s exams scratching his head and biting his lips. Little wonder that when the results returned, Lukyamuzi had only managed to pass one of the five course units.
As such, he was placed in the “stay put” zone, which is equivalent to a final warning.

“He only passed Development Studies.This is like general paper and it basically rotates around the work of legislators,” our source told us.
Meanwhile, it looks like Lukyamuzi is not the only legislator having a rough time at the law school. According to our sources, Luweero District Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya, is no different, as she also has four retakes. Kalungu West MP, Joseph Sewungu, is also not having a good time, as he has two course units to redo.

While the MPs might blame lack of time to concentrate on studies, as the reason for their troubles, Mathias Mpuuga will simply laugh his head off, since he is in the same class but with no retake to his name.

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